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Saurav Raj

Saurav Raj is a modern critical thinker who has many themes and theories about life and all the things that a well-rounded life should have. His every story suggests a sense of three important attributes; identity, acceptance, and love, which are responsible for each and everything we feel and think.

Philosophy is an important part of his life. He believes that a single thought is the start of everything we ever created, from the smallest microchip to the greatest civilization were the results of a single thought. And hence everything is possible for everyone. We all just need to pursue and persist in our dreams, and knowledge and enjoy the phenomenon, that is life. Saurav is a student of fine arts, animation, philosophy, aesthetics, and filmmaking. He owns a branding and filmmaking firm in Pune and is an independent filmmaker.

He joined Amity School of fine arts, where he completed his bachelor's in fine arts and animation. Where aesthetics and philosophy were major subjects of attraction for him. While doing his studies he did graphic designing and branding, establishing himself as a freelancer in the industry. After he finished his bachelor's, he did diplomas in creative writing, critical thinking, and philosophy. While doing animation he also got interested in filmmaking, which made him pursue a diploma and a new medium of storytelling in films. In 2020 he opened his branding and filmmaking firm 'Untraki in Pune. He loves kids. He believes that there is no more beautiful way to understand the humility and humanness of humanity than to spend time with kids. That's exactly how he spends his evenings, teaching and playing football with kids. And that's why his stories are about or for kids and young adults. He believes that our society's major problem is that we don't let our kids ask questions. But once we let those curious little beings ask questions to us, they will start asking questions themselves. It will help them to understand the world and the problems we have. Because they can see and imagine a future that we can’t, and asking questions will turn them into world-changing giants.

Saurav was born in Patna to a good family. His father is a businessman and his mother is a homemaker. He is the third of four siblings. His majority of school education was in Patna but in later years he went to boarding in Pilani, and then they all shifted to New Delhi. Even in school, he was fascinated with art and science.

Whenever he came to know about anything new like the possibility of new life on the planet or evolution or history, he used to do research and create a fictional story about it then tell that story to his close ones. He still does this. Science helps him to see the world that is unknown to him but art is what lets his thoughts and imagination travel. He was so obsessed with writing and art that he joined the school students council and became a school magazine editor in his high school years, even though he was a shy-natured kid. He was a good student, he did well in school but didn't like exams because then he had to go back and study what he already knows. His curiosity stumbles and bore him to death when he has to revise, and this gave his grades a major hit in board examinations. But it also allowed him to at least try a shot at his dreams. He left his mainstream education for becoming an engineer and joined art school. He also played football, semi-professionally.

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